Photography was never on my radar as a possible career. I went to college for dental hygiene and after a few years working with patients, my husband surprised me with my first camera. He thought I should learn to use it for our traveling and as a creative outlet and turns out he was right! I fell in love with photography and the rest is history. 

TimeLes Photography has been in business since 2017 and it’s been a beautiful journey of learning and challenging myself along the way. Being a business owner has surely helped me to have more compassion and understanding for people and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to serve my community and meet new people every year. 

The Business Backstory

A Little More About My Life

  I'm a small town country girl enjoying my slice of heaven on our beef farm in South Central, PA. I have a little bit of a track record for bringing home animals and asking for forgiveness rather than permission...but I mean who can resist fluffy chickens? Twenty-five chickens later and my husband has stopped asking if I'll ever have enough chickens. Oops.

  My faith is a very important part of my life and I believe that the only way to know your identity and purpose is to get to know your Creator. It is my desire to love His people well and to let Him lead my life. 

I'm married to one of the most interesting people alive. If you don't know what bovine embryology is, look it up... I know I had to when Levi first told me he wanted to pursue it as his business.  Now we essentially run a "cow airbnb" as my friends call it. Two business owners living together has consisted of a lot of late night paperwork dates. 

I have two little boys, Lukas and Collin who are such BIG blessings. The refinement and perspective that comes from motherhood is so much more powerful than I ever expected and there is joy in watching them become their own people. 

Poofy Chickens

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falling asleep anywhere

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furthest distance traveled 

strawberry acai




running a marathon


raise lukas

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santorini, greece
havasu falls, grand canyon
maui, hawaii 
yellowstone, wyoming
costa rica

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