ou may be wondering why the spelling of TimeLes Photography is different. Don’t worry, I do know how to spell. The last three letters of TimeL-E-S are my initials. I was in the middle of a name transition as I was starting up my business. I had just gotten married and knew that my last name would be changing, but my initials would be staying the same. I have always had a passion for being creative. In fact, buried (hopefully very deeply) in the archives of family photos and videos you will find endless homemade movies, photos and dancing videos of my middle school self…and to be honest, I haven’t grown up much since those videos haha. I’m still a child at heart and being creative is something that makes me all giggly and giddy inside. I guess some things never change. 

TimeLes Photography has been in business since 2017 and it’s been a beautiful journey of learning and challenging myself along the way. Being a business owner has surely helped me to have more compassion and understanding for people and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to serve my community and meet new people every year. 

The Business Backstory


A Little More About Me

  I'm a small town country girl enjoying my slice of heaven on our beef farm in South Central, PA. I have a little bit of a track record for bringing home animals and asking for forgiveness rather than permission...but I mean who can resist fluffy chickens? Oops.

  My faith is a very important part of my life and I believe that the only way to know your identity and purpose is to get to know your Creator. It is my desire to love His people well and to let Him lead my life. 

  I work as a dental hygienist two days per week and love being part of the medical field. I feel most fulfilled when I do both dentistry and photography, so I likely will always do both instead of focusing on one over the other. Fun fact- when I take online tests, my results come back that I am equally left and right brained (which I'm told is uncommon). 

  My boys are the highlight of every day. Lukas is my best buddy and is the most polite and reserved little farm boy you ever met. My husband Levi is a quiet soul and one of the hardest workers I know.  He also has his own business and we've had quite a few date nights over the years that consisted of late night billing, invoicing, paperwork, contracts, etc for our businesses. 

  A perfect evening would be mountain pies over the back patio's fire pit with sounds of the country echoing all around us. The peeper frogs, the geese, the cows, and the wind whispering through the tall pines. Then, watching a storm come in and smelling the rain. Thunder dancing across the sky...ya know...the simple life.  

i mean come on...how could i say no?

falling asleep anywhere

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falling asleep anywhere

hidden talent


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strawberry acai




running a marathon


raise lukas

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santorini, greece
havasu falls, grand canyon
maui, hawaii 
yellowstone, wyoming
costa rica

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